Meet Polly Ingraham, the Pastor’s Wife

A quick search will bring up many blogs of pastors’ wives from various faiths and different parts of the country. My story is unusual in that I was almost a complete stranger to organized religion when I married my husband 22 years ago. I am still learning about it all the time, and there is a kind of amphibious secular-meets-sacred quality to my life: I dwell here and I also dwell there.

I have a work background in high school teaching as well as in low-income job training and a sensitivity to the huge disparities that exist between schools in this country. Though not at all a trained scientist, I am also eager to learn whatever I can about science, nature and animals of all kinds. I have a particular affinity for horses and dogs. Having grown up with equal parts sports and music, I still like plenty of both.

Until recently, we live in western Massachusetts, close to the homestead of Emily Dickinson. Now she was someone with a panorama all right. Currently we are settling into life in the heart of New Hampshire, where my husband has become a bishop. When he carries his crosier, a kind of shepherd’s crook, there is no doubt at all that he is also still a pastor, now looking out over a number of flocks in the Granite State. That makes me still a pastor’s wife, and still writing.