The Good Samaritan, In My Driveway

Amidst terrifying darkness, glimmering points of light feel like miracles. Once again we are reeling from a mass shooting; once again we search for answers; once again we keep going about our business, even as we know that many families are enduring what was, until a few days ago, unimaginable loss. News of the horrific event, and the ongoing aftermath, is full of questions that may never be answered about the mass murderer. But we have survivors’ stories and we … Read More

Stick-to-itiveness, Rocky style

The closer the election gets, the more I love my dog. And once it’s over, I’ll love him even more. Recently my Rocky has gotten me thinking about a certain quality, one he demonstrates every time we’re out on the non-campaign trails (= daily). In humans, it’s just about always considered a good thing. In dogs, maybe not quite so much. What is it? Stick-to-it-iveness. By that I mean, in canine terms at least, something like “the compulsion to find … Read More

Ah, the Blossoms and the Barbs of May!

The thing about life in mid-May is that just when you’re letting yourself be taken in by the beauty of the blossoms, the quills might come flying out and re-arrange your whole evening. At least they did for me –- or rather my dog — just last night.  Since Rocky is pretty closely connected to me, and vice versa, I felt as if I almost had a mouth full of pain, too.   And then, of course, there was the vet … Read More