Skipping Fairbanks, Tending– maybe it’s Trending? — Home

A friend of mine recently brought her husband to the bus station to embark on a faraway trip. Then a friend of hers asked, “How did you feel about not going?” She replied, “I don’t know. ALASKA!’ You guessed right: that friend was actually yours truly. So I don’t really need to ask anybody else about my feelings; in truth, though, they’re a little hard to parse out. Fortunately, this remains a blog about contrasting elements lying side by side. That’s … Read More

Wishing I Were There

My husband, lucky duck, got to go to this place a few days ago. Due to an overwhelming feeling of Pride and Joy, not to mention a connection across several states states with My Guy, I’m writing an unorthodox blog this week.Wait, have I ever been orthodox? Rob is out in Detroit with the House of Bishops for a whole week. You can read the detailed daily briefings here. My own topic, commencing shortly, will be something else entirely. I’m straying … Read More

Go Ahead, Retreat…Oh Wait, Don’t

If I didn’t know better, I might think that just about the whole town where I live (for a few more weeks, anyway) has become virulently non-religious.  Why?  Because there are signs popping up all over the place with this exhortation:  “STOP the Retreat!” A pastor’s wife needs to add a whole slew of new words to the household lexicon – at least I did – and “retreat” is right up there with Most Commonly Heard Episcopal Life Terms (OK, … Read More