Feeling For the Trees

Whenever I get tired of tracking my daily ups and downs, which is often, I find it refreshing to pay closer attention to the ups and downs of trees instead. Looking around outside with more vigor takes me out of my own limelight. It works well in November, or any other month for that matter. And that surprising storm we had last month sure did a number on many of our tall, usually very sturdy neighbors. It’s disconcerting when you … Read More

Different Beaches, Different Times, Different Lives

I’m knocking on the door of a significant birthday, so I’m going to gather my wits and make a modest proclamation. Just when you think you’ve got a few facts down, can recognize a thing or two with certainty, absolutely know how to define particular words…something will probably happen that will cause you to re-shuffle the deck. Not that I put myself in the camp of people playing with a full one or anything. But I venture to say that, … Read More

Mother Teresa, in Sneakers

Look! Over there! It’s Mother Teresa, white robe flying, sprinting madly to get ahead of her competitors, win the race and claim the trophy. Wait…there must be some kind of mistake. This was a woman whose life work was tending to the poor, not striving to get anything for herself. When she wasn’t helping people directly, she was praying. Know that feeling when you see someone familiar, but out of context, and it jumbles up your brain? Like when you’re … Read More

Let It Go, Sure, but Know When (What) To Hold On Too (To)

Isn’t it a little weird that the hit song “Let It Go” is from a movie called Frozen? I mean — one is all about fluidity and movement, the other about being stuck in one place. Maybe there’s something here I’m not getting. In any case, the lyrics have got me thinking about all the times I’ve experienced the need to push something aside or watch it evaporate, versus the times I’ve experienced the need to hold on to something … Read More

Snowflakes not turning into Circles and other Mishaps

Can there be any glory at all in stumbling, in things not going as planned, in mess ups?  This has been the pressing question on my mind over the past few days, because I’ve been in the midst of some of the above and have felt, well, kind of de-railed from what it was I thought I was doing. With so many eyes on Sochi now, we’re ready to be thrilled by the magnificence of athletic displays….and to gasp with … Read More

Ah, the Blossoms and the Barbs of May!

The thing about life in mid-May is that just when you’re letting yourself be taken in by the beauty of the blossoms, the quills might come flying out and re-arrange your whole evening. At least they did for me –- or rather my dog — just last night.  Since Rocky is pretty closely connected to me, and vice versa, I felt as if I almost had a mouth full of pain, too.   And then, of course, there was the vet … Read More

Cracked but not Shattered

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There I was, driving down the road minding my own business, and – BAM! Suddenly a huge turkey was right in front of me, on my windshield.  I’m not kidding.  It was gone almost as quickly as it arrived, perhaps surviving the crash.  But the glass in front of me was transformed, and not in a good way.   I could barely see through it, and some small shards were now scattered in the car.  And yet, the windshield held together, … Read More