Hockey on Black Friday

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I spent the day after Thanksgiving, a day that has come to be known as “Black Friday,” at a sports complex with multiple hockey rinks.  Our daughter plays on a team in the New England Girls Hockey League, and this year the state tournament happened earlier than usual.  Through the past half a dozen seasons which stretch from October to March, I have become accustomed to driving to one hockey shrine or another on this holiday weekend.  It might be … Read More

The College and Not-College Trip

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This essay was published on Nov. 18th  as a “First Person” column in Hampshire Life — weekly magazine of the DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE.   At the end of August, we took our high school senior to visit a couple of Pennsylvania colleges she was curious to see.  Having done this kind of thing before, I was determined that we would expand our trip a little, particularly for the benefit of our unenthusiastic 12-year-old. And so, on the first day, here’s how … Read More

A Welcome Message

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Being a pastor’s wife doesn’t mean I climb mountains more than the average person, although hiking is a favorite activity in our family.  The picture of our two sons was taken in the Colorado Rockies, where the five of us spent a breathtaking (sometimes literally) week the summer before last.  Getting to a high place and enjoying a visual panorama is always a thrilling experience.  My title here, though, refers more to the kind of expansive view I get to … Read More

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